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Glass, Plastic and Candles Varnishes

Welcome to DEWAX

Our company operates in the market of industrial varnishes for many years, successfully completing the mission of delivering products of the highest quality. We offer a wide range of coatings for glass, plastic and candles. Our products are produced using the latest technology and under the guidance of experts with extensive experience in the creation of varnish.

We offer a wide range of colors, guided by customer satisfaction almost every day we are increasing their number, adjusting to the standards requirements of our customers. We successfully exchange trade with many companies all over the country as well as abroad. Our goal is to provide attractive conditions of cooperation. We specialize in a fairly narrow industry niche like varnish for candles, cemetery lights and Christmas tree ornaments.

With this approach we can focus on the quality of our products and extending the offer in that market segment. The most known products of our company are varnishes for cemetery lights and candles, of which we offer varnishes for glass and plastic, varnishes for decorative and internal glass painting and varnishes for plastic elements. Our offer also includes candles varnishes. We recommend our varnishes DECKOLAN, CANDELAN oraz BROKATOL.